qwik one

Since I'm loggerd in, messing with the pics from last post.....

Stoopid Fitty was an awesome time. Tailormade course for the fixed wheel. Only two 'bad' sections....long portion of grassy single/doubletrack track false flat spin out from hjell, and a similar section along a deer fence. Everything else was money. Climbs, just not quite too steep, mostly all rollable. And the singletrack was hours and hours of flowing jedi fixy mind trix. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect scenario.

Kept the tires rollin' most all day, two turbo safety checks and had to throw a tube into the front wheel when Stan's couldn't quite do the trick. So, only about 5-10minutes of unplanned 'off' time, countered that with trying to be efficient at the aid spots. Otherwise, rode within myself most all of the day, stayed out of the red with my head in the game seeing the big picture and not the immediate battle. Just keep turning over the pedals. Got really close to cramping really bad, walked that fine line for a few hours, managed to keep it all in check.

Of the Cupacke Camp, I was el lantern rouge, turning in a 5:25ish, unofficially 30th spot, 9th single (10th if you count the old man.) Almost caught Travisimo but the late flat tire fixin' settled that question, not enough realestate left. Bucky rolled fourth in the singles, Keeferkeefer back on the fat tires for 8thish overall, old man Withers stomped the Masters along with the majority of us young guys and I didn't see much of SuperPete after the post hike a bike descent, he had that Yeti rollin'....

good times
good times.


Buddy said...

Nice ride Tommy, see ya' at the Curse.

IF Chicks said...

good work out there..
although latern rouge of the cupcakes, you still had a pretty fast finish time without being able to coast.

You seem very happy on that bike, so why not try for legendary 1st fixed tour ?