Only 5.44% to go. Then I've reached one of those first 'goal' type thangs for the year. And then what? Then the fun begins again, I guess. This wknd is one of tests, a biiiig test, and then a shorter, much more painful test. But these aren't really tests that go on the permanent record, more of a standardized, this won't be graded type testing. I always like how the season progresses. Slog away for a couple of dark cold and dreary months, trying to find fitness that was abandoned when the leaves dropped back in November. Then finding a sliver of it, usually sometime in March. You get out, have that one inspired, finally it's warm and sunshiney ride where you can actually turn the pedals with conviction. You can actually feel a bit of top end, tap into a bit of slumbering power, the beast is awakening. You feel like you broke thru that winter barrier, you feel stronger and something clicks inside that says,

Now we've got some work to do.

Reach that first plateau, take a deep breath, then immediately begin building upon it, and building and stacking and piling on and on and on. Until the fatigue catches up to you, and then it build and builds and builds, and your legs feel more and more sluggish as the weeks come and go. But the numbers still look good, your pace is still there, not yet so beat down that you can't keep adding on, but getting beat down none the less. I'm seeing a faint light down that tunnel, that should become a much more distinct gateway over the next week or so. Just gotta keep reaching for it, then I'll put my feet up and let it all soak in and take another deep breath, before beginning again towards that first graded exam. Midterms are on the horizon.

Original plan last night was a quick scout of the local TT course. I already know the road plenty well, thought I'd swing some race pace tempo on it last night. Then I left the house and headed in the opposite direction out of town, that original plan felt toooo much like 'training'. Worked on fixy skills instead, like downhill intervals, damn are they sketchy. Trying to develop my 'spin' and some semblence of ability to sustain it. So far, my max speed to date with the 40:15 is 37.5mph. Have seen a it few times now, first time was really blurry and kinda scarey, previous fastest was only 35. Then I wound it up once during the Gettysburg tour and hit it again last night. 37.5mph works out to a cadence of 180rpm, which is what I'll assume is my physical limit right now. Three pedal strokes a second.....tickticktick......say it really fast....tickticktick..... Wonder how quickly those track guys can turn 'em over? If I'm gonna hang with 'le peleton this summer, I have lots more work to do.

Some days, I think this whole "I'm gonna ride the Tour 100% fixed" is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever set out to do on a bicycle.

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