So, today is my 37th birthday. Tonight, I'm resting and finishing off my recovery, tomorrow I celebrate today and other insignificant holidays. For all that I say that I don't 'train,' I guess I do to a certain extent. I mean, I know what I need to do to make sure that I'll be able to finish what I set out to do in a few months time, ya know? I've been into this whole bike racin' game for over half my life now, first mtn bike race was the first wknd of April back in 1989. I was at Tech, and, and god damn doesn't that fucking suck more than anything could possibly fucking suck! What happened down there today is fucking insane,

what the fuck is wrong with people today?

I went to school there for four incredible years, and just can't imagine.
what tragedy, may all the innocent folk RIP...... that's fucked up shit.


fuck it, how can a fucking stupid bike race story and the ramblings of some 37yr guy compare, or even, really matter at all, in this big picture?



camps said...

happy day dude,
I gots almost a decade on you,

you can bet that dead asshole in Blacksburg was not recovering from Dragons Back today.

one side benny of mtn biking is the major tension release.

Barry said...

was at a conference today down in Arlington when the news broke---pretty f-ed up...thought about you and the your Blacksburg days...

Happy B-day, man.

IF Chicks said...

happy belated b-day tomi.

all we can do is keep the good energy flowing and appreciate life. I'm sure it's hard to fathom after you went to school there..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tom. I was just talking with my dad. I had mentioned to him that I it would be real sad to have gone to college there and know that the environment that fostered some of the best years of your life was violated in such a violent, insane act. My heart is with you as you sort through your emotions about this. Yeah its fucked up, but you also know deep down that it is so much more. Sad, depressing, and heartbreaking. Keep your head up.