moronic asshole

Yeah, so, if you know me, you probably know that I'm one of those 'gawd damn liberal hippie dirtbag' types. Over at FirstDraft, I read this blurb from our asshole President a couple days ago:

"Diplomacy works when people sit down at the table and need something from you. That's how diplomacy works. It is, in my judgment, just talking for the sake of talking doesn't yield positive results often."

Let me emphasize something from that, cuz one phrase jumped out at me as an example of his ignorance/outlook, "when people sit down at the table and need something from you." So, I guess, by his definition of diplomacy, first we must have something that's somebody elses, like oil for instance. Then, and only then, can we invite them to come and discuss their need for that something which we now control. But, this only happens once we have something they need, first we must get ahold of it and be in control of it.

To me, this sounds a lot more like blackmail than it does diplomacy, par for the course with those criminals......

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