Finally feels like planets and other universal heavenly bodies are beginning to align. Or, at least the sun was shining over the wknd. Spectacular weather, good times with good friends, saw some faces that I haven't seen in years, good to know everybody is doing well. But what else would you expect?

Pulled the DBR out of the paddock last night for some tinkering. Haven't ridden her beyond my neighborhood since building up the blingy tubeless wheels a month or so ago. Went with a new tire on the rear, Nevegal 2.1, which is slightly bigger than expected, getting an oh so slight rub on the chainstay if I really stand on it. Finally got around to remedying that situation last night. Pulled the trusty Tioga DH off the front, swapped the Nevegal from rear to front without losing any Stan's goop and on the rear I mounted up a Bontrager ACX something or other that I got on trade during the shwag toss at Teaberry last fall. The Bontrager took a good shot of CO2 to seat up, but held air fine after that. Detuned the pressures from the install, then took her out on a spin around town for a couple quick laps around the Giant singletrack. Bike rode sweet, I quickly re adapted to the old position, but I'm not sure that I'm happy with the realllllly wide bar that's on there now, might need to trim that down a smidge. Tires rolled nice and hooked up well, fork settup felt slightly off, to the soft side. The only thing truly lacking was my rusty fixy log crossing skillz, I was less than shmmoooove on a couple occasions, might need to sneak her out into Michaux sometime later this week..... Tonight, heading to the Furnace for some Fender Trail-Grave Ridge lovin'. Gotta sneak it in before the weather turns to crap again:
Wednesday: Rain Hi 61°F
WednesdayNight: Rain Lo 49°F
Thursday: ShowersLikely Hi 61°F
ThursdayNight: RainLikely Lo 50°F
Friday: ShowersLikelyHi 62°F
FridayNight: ShowersLikelyLo 49°F

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