what I said....

in response to a thread on a fishing forum about
folks packing heat while out fishing for trouts.

yes, you do have the right to carry, a permit, whatever...I don't get it.

Since there's a chance this'll be deleted by the MODS, figured I'd preserve it here...yeah, I'm one of those dirty fucking hippys who just doesn't get why people live in such fear of each other that they think carrying a sidearm is appropriate or necessary behavior.

Man, this place is so fucked up.

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''Suburbia', cute retort.

The reason I ask is that, yes, I too have had numerous 'wildlife encounters.' Momma bear w/ cubs, coyotes day and night (spooky as hell when you're out XC skiing thru the woods in the dark), rattling snakes and yes, even a rabid varmint or two....and never once have I wished to myself, "if only I had a gun."

So, I'm really just curious about how often it happens that a weapon needs to pulled while out on the stream? I'm pretty sure I could fend off a rabid coon with a few swift kicks and evasive actions....pretty easy to tell the innocent childrens to 'run back to camp/safe place' and defend them against that rabid 15lb beast.

And as far as the human factor...glad you felt like a big tough guy once those fellas got a glance of your piece.

But, really? Seriously?

[rant on]
Don't lecture me, or anybody else for that matter, about the risks of being 'out there', The dangers of hillbilly methheads, wtf? Suburbia? yeah, whatever. You have no idea about my travels or experiences, just as I know nothing about yours, beyond your persona here.

Personally, I like to believe in the good in people, and bank a bit on the laziness of your common thief. I'm more concerned about somebody breaking into my car at the trailhead, than an encounter a half hour's walk from said trailhead. I'm banking on the fact, that when I'm out there, anybody else out there is there for similar reasons...enjoying the marvels of this big blue marble we live on.

When I do run across somebody packing heat, open carry or concealed, I will cut a wide berth. Because I figure that that fella & I have totally different approaches to living, and if he thinks he needs to carry that, around here...well, who knows how he's wired? sorry, just don't get it. just don't get that fearful approach to living. best defense is a good offense? or something, yeah, whatever, it's still a defensive position...not very welcoming in my mind.

here's a little scenario to ponder...say two fellas decide they wanna try out this flyfishing thing, cuz you know, bassin' on the river kinda sucks right now, and maybe this flyfishing can cover this slump. So they get their new outfits from Bass Pro, combo discount!, and the salesdude there in the flyfishing department tells them about this great hole on such & such creek. It's stocked, ez fishin for bucketed in trout, and these guys had just hit it up last wknd, caught some fish and had a blast. So they come back this wknd. They know there're trout there, so that's where they go...straight there, straight from their truck to that hole, making a fast splashy beeline to their newly found hotspot. Stealth, respect? They're green, clueless, used to flinging jigs and plugs from a boat.

But, dang it, there stands some dude fishing their new favorite spot. He's see's them coming and immediately glares at them. They pick up on the evil eye and they're like, WTF? They pull up and observe this guy, feeling this weird vibe that that grump is putting off. They don't know of any other places to fish, they don't know any better, so they just hang out, maybe hope to learn something by watching this guy fish. And they watch, and they watch and watch. But see, this fella ain't catching anything. hmmmm....so, maybe they figure he'll move on since he ain't catching much, and let them have a crack it. So they camp out, waiting.

But this guy keeps giving 'em the evil eye, and then they realize thru a flash of sunlight into a fold of the vest, that that grumpy weird dude is packing heat....

"Well, eff that, like we're gonna learn anything from him, we're out of here..."

Or, maybe they were really there to jump you and take all of your gear...but I doubt it.
[/end rant]

perspectives, personal choice...call it whatchya want it's all good. But I just don't get the overly fearful mindset that drives folks to feel the to need to carry in situations where it's simply not called for.

Out west, packing heat for grizzlies, yeah, I can understand that I guess...but the old dude packing heat that I met on the Letort last spring? W.T.F.?

and hopefully that's all I'll ever say about that...Mods delete if you feel the need.


Taylor said...

Well, my dick is huge thanks to my S&W 500 mag. That coon on the bank needed to die, god forbid I get out on the other side of the creek. Yeah, I shoulder drop people when they don't move out of the way on the sidewalk too.

Packing in Griz country is one thing, packing on the LeTort? Really?? Never even think about needing a gun fishing in MiffCo with the lawless drunks, let alone Spg Ck. Hell I've never even thought about bringing a gun on remote, week-long pack trips in the Sods. God bless that 2nd amendment.

Taylor said...

And I digress... "hilljacks on meth"? Jesus H, watch out for those guys, they will fuck your day up. These people are just fear mongers. Met a hilljack in Potter Co once, wouldn't stop talking to me about FISHING. I know from experience and self identity that all they are concerned about is driving around in their trucks on mtn roads drinking beer, trying to get up to the lookout. They'll rape you like a pig if you keep them from the lookout!!

Anonymous said...

would a gun helped the two girls that were shot near Dead Women's Hollow over a decade ago???? The point is not to be so closed minded to think that only your way of thinking is correct. There are many more reasons to carry a firearm then being fearfull of what is out there. Is wearing a helmet while riding a bike a fear of cracking your head....maybe? Do you know when you are going to fall and crack your head??? No...that is why you wear it all the time. Some people have the same fealings about "packing heat"...you don't know when you may need it and you may never but if you do need it then it may save your life! A lot like a helmet can!

CabbageHead said...
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camps said...

I just read the book a couple months ago about those 2 girls who parked at the top of Dead Woman's Hollow, and were shot on Rocky Knob's trails. A gun would not have helped the girls in that scenario.

But, if Stephen Roy Carr did not have a gun, that woulda helped the girls a lot.

Nevada said...

Well written rant! Thanks for sharing Tomi!

People tell me it is not guns that kill people it is people that kill people. Guess we all could have a few nuclear warheads at our disposal, chemical weapons, maybe a nice bazooka. The kind of weapon available definitely impacts outcomes.

The Second Amendment was written when we had single loader muskets, besides it refers to well regulated militia. If I could underline regulated I would.

Not written as eloquently as your stream of consciousness, but the best my stream could do of translating it into the written word.

tomi said...

anon...not sure where you're getting it that I'm 'close minded.' I do respect your right to carry, I just don't get the mindset behind feeling the need to. That fearful approach towards life just doesn't jive with me, so I will steer clear of that vibe.

And yes, anything you do wrt self defense is done out of fear. Whether it's donning a helmet while riding or skiing or packing heat along the trout stream, these are all actions taken to prevent in some way, some mysterious & unknown possible harm being done to you.

Now, maybe next season I will get jumped out along the Letort RailTrail and I'll change my opinion...or maybe I'll take my lumps like I have before, and continue to have faith in the good in people.

And for the record, no, I do not always wear a helmet while on bike or skis...I assess the percieved risk for the immediate activity, and take it from there.

If you wanna give me shit about that, that's fine. Just let me know whether you also wear yours 100% of time; while riding, skiing, even while driving to the trailhead or walking down the sidewalk. Accidents happen everywhere and you're statiscally more likely to incure a serious one driving your car than while out schussing down the slopes or pedaling thru the forest....food for thought.

Pedro SalsaNonGrata said...

I'm going to make a gun-helmet, so I can protect and be protected. It may go off accidentally when I wreck, so look out!

brett said...

add a camera to that helmet howitzer so we can put the ensuing hijinks on youtube.