pow houndin'

Bought a lift ticket Saturday.
Spent the morning gettin'
rowdy over at CVR w/ Abe.
I think we skied one 'groomer'
all morn, Maching down gravity,
who says big skis can't carve?
Lots of fun turns picking the
pockets of that little mountain,
plenty of fun lines if you have
an eye and look for 'em.

Then raised funds for TCT
at Hellbenders...beverage
proceeds went to the club,
I did my best to help out.

And so had a slowwww
start on a foggy Sunday
morn...much like everybody
else it seems. Lots of the
unmotivated milling about
until the Sun finally popped
out from behind grey shrouds.

Got back on the leathers and
had a blast on the packed in
and fassssst singletrack up high.
Out solo so worked a nice tempo
seeing how qwikly I could cruise
along....yeah, man that's a lot fun.
Those local HASH's they do must be
a blst, and there is one at WG on Sunday...

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huber said...

Man, I got to hit that place up!