on and on and on and on

this winter just keeps delivering.
WG was off the hook yet again,
condish were very, very, very good.

A cupcake tour on Saturday, picking
up good vibe Foofs & Sajkovich & bud
along the way. Got out to the Nat'l
Nord before most, lots & lots of soft
snow to play in, then back around to
the frontside for qwik tour lap or two
to polish it off.

Apres' follies and celebrations,
help out here and there with
rental returns then sneak out
during the 6pm dinner for a
staff ski tag along. damn.

I mean, damn, those WG groomers
are so thrilling in the dark! Making
turns by feel and whatever instinct
can be mustered, dancing thru
charcoal on parchment scenery..

no better way to learn, right?
Deprive the senses and rely
only upon the ones that matter
chasing locals thru moon shadow
darkness....got bliss?

Usual groggy Sunday morn, I do
love the sunrise, just one more
snooze though...Hook it up with
the Rocktown crew, mainslope
warmup laps reveal a settling
snowpack with a hint of extra
speed and an interesting crunch
from the flash freezing mist that
mustv'e blown thru overnight.

Conditions shift, shift the approach.
Low angles with speed are a blast,
singletracking is groovey and plenty
of fun hot lap leap frogging with the
group, finally dropped one of the
Cathedral Rocks, whoot! stomped it
until that tree got in the way on the
runnout, gonna figure out these damn
leathers....finish the day with blown
out legs and sketch mach looney
spectacularity straight down the
mainslope, ahhh, good times.

And of course, can't ever ever ever
say enough about the good vibes of
WhiteGrass, what a special place.
Thanks for everything Chipper & Crew.

So, yeah, pics might be limited
for a bit, there was, a, uhmmm,
incident. It was a good 3-4yr
run with the old SX100, but I
smushed it pretty good while
skiing a really fun shot of trees
on Saturday...lens no worky
no more. I'm honestly surprised
that it lasted this long. (There is
onboard helmet cam of said
moment, btw...)

Now I'm shopping for something
that I won't be worried about
while out on the water, the old
Canon did get dunked once or
twice last season. And also want
something that takes a higher
quality picture...manual input
controls are desired. Thinking
the D10 or Panasonic's TS-2.
Anybody using either?

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brett said...

man, wish we could've been there. looks beautiful. we have the Panasonic TS-2, btw, if you want to check it out. Nice to not have to worry about bonking and splashing it.