i dunno...

something I've got to learn.

got to learn that sometimes
it's best to step it back, and
avoid painting oneself into a

Looks like it thawed a bit in
the valley, same as here locally.
snow is forecast, same as locally,
gonna get frigid fucking cold again

Which means that that sweet
natural packed powder base
from last wknd is gonna lock
up solid by the wknd. Just a
matter of how much Ullr drops
on us to sugarcoat it, but I've
got a sneaky suspicion it's
gonna be ankle to boot top
light fluff over pretty solid
hardpack. hmmmmm...

could be a good wknd to use
that pass I bought for RT. And
get out into the forest to break
in whichever picture takin' gizmo
I end up with...there's still marginal
snow in the backyard, imagine
a smidge more in the nearby
hollers. Maybe get out for
some creekside cruising....

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