ring it in.

lot's of not's going ons.

triple crown sort of wknd.

1: Skied the big plastic at RT
on NYE morn, damn...couldn't
make a turn for shit with those
things. Trying to finesse with
fine movements wayyy too much
and it's totally different than the
freewill of leathers. Plastic & burly
skis ask for a different application
of power.

When in doubt, apply speed.

Then kick in those finesse moves,
and it all comes together. One lap
of chasing OMW's roost and things
were finally back on plane for the
rest of the day, can't wait for WG
to reload though...hope that was
it for the 'January Thaw' of oh'11.

Round two of the triple was spent
up in the hamlet of Coburn, picking
out a new trout assaulting weapon.
More than a few times last year,
fishing the Letort or the Little J, I'd
find myself wishing that I had just
a bit more reach when spotting that
riser up along shadow's edge, parked
just a rod's length beyond what you
can do with this 4wt. Or for when it's
time to sling some big flies at dusk,
when those big Letort browns come
out of hiding and show themselves...

So, I had it in my head that I needed
an 8' 5wt to fill that niche. Ran up to
see Jonas in Coburn, and spent a couple
hours waggling and casting a fine selection
of rods he had on hand, settling on a rod
from local builder Jim Downes. An 8015-
Swelled-Para taper...whatever that all
means. All I know is that for me it's
mindless unthinking instinctual casting
compared to the others. And a drop
dead beautiful rod to boot. Paired it
up with a Hardy Cascapedia MkII reel.
Classic looks, modern quality.

Damn fine lookin' outfit, eh?

Third jewel was getting out on the
Jabberfixy for Sunday Service. Had
ridden her the other night on the
A.T.V. ride, seemed to flow pretty
good, knee reacted decently enough
so I played Ride Dictator and picked
out a lowlying loop with plenty of
creekside flowiness for Sunday's
group thang....can't get over how the
trail network in Meeshow has evolved
over the years.

Linked up a solid loop, mostly all in
the woods other than the deer fence
zone and railtrail between the parks...
sing it with me now, 'a three hour tour....'
but with no storms or wrecked boats,
although the sponged out and thawing
frost heave was taxing here and there.

And, as always, there was that moment
of sweet Jedi zen pedaling thru sunlit
strobing tree shadows that makes it
allll worth it and leaves you wanting..

bring it Ullr, you fucking pussy.


camps said...

loved low lie loop

brett said...

cross yer fingers for next week...maybe Ullr will answer your challenge.