ya know...

I wonder.

Was last year 'it'?

Was that phenomenal ski season
the last natural one I'll really get
to harvest? Once every 20 puts
me up there for really shralppin'

so thankful I got to take
advantage, cuz, what happens
when the weather really makes
a mess of things in the Gulf?

Where do our big storms originate?

Where does all of that gnarly
moisture come from?

What happens when that broken
up dispersed oil is picked up
into the clouds as they feed off
of that moist Gulf energy?

How deep inland will the
hurricanes take it?

When it hits the Gulf Stream
and appears in our neck of
the woods, how will that
affect our rain, our NorEasters?

What will it do to that clean
mountain water? Is the scaled
volume such that it can be
absorbed? will the ppm be

There's always hope I guess...

But remembering those glory
years of acid rain, which
has been fixed...right? What
sort of toxic mess do we have
brewing down there now?

it's all connected, and we've
really fucked the pooch on
this one..

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Anonymous said...

hmm, I hadn't thought of that - these big hurricane season storms sucking up the gulf surface water and depositing oily rain water from new orleans to new brunswick. depressing. fuck BP.