went north

checked out a new area.
Hammersly Wild Area.
up in the middle of
bumfuck PeeEh.

30,000ish acres of
roadless area, Meeshow
is 85,000 I think, with
lots and lots of roads.

Did some research,
no special regs on
the drainage, interweb
chatter makes it sound
like it gets abused some
down below, ez to poach
up in a good ways on a

That means easier
access for the middle
of the bell curve...the
empty bait canister litter
I found where I camped
verified this. Just don't
expect too many decent
sized fish down low...

Further up though,
make a little effort to
get upstream beyond
camp, and you'll find
fish in just about every
fishy looking spot.

Some of the biggest native
brookies I've ever caught, a
handful in the 10-12" range,
lots of smaller fish, showing
different age classes...

And super colorful!

well, enough words,
here're pics...

the jumping off point.

rainy hiking sights


leavin' no trace.

spot the brookie?


these fuckers are
tearing up the place.
Huge areas of canopy
devastated, feels
winterlike, unsettling...

mmmm, hot slug
on gypsy action.

different angle on
the way out

this is on down-
stream a good ways

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