Dr's orders

heh, when it comes to riding
bikes on dirt, it's just like 20+
years ago....going from 1 to 18.

maybe see ya out on
the local trails soon...


mv said...

Knee(s)? Curious as I've been fixed mtb since November...W101 in the sights.

Regardless - turning the pedals over is turning the pedals over. All the same.

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Tomi said...

yeah, a tired knee, worked it over real good during ski season, lingering imbalance issues causing tension and pressures that turned into aches and pains...massage and a gooood dose of R&R light spinnin' has it on the rebound now...gears are in the mix to bring it back on line in a reasonable fashion, they're temporary I'm figuring.

dicky said...

As my son once said when he was @5 yrs old, "Hop you feel beater."