best made plans.

home already, uber qwik
turnaround, unblinking
commute home.

start out hiking
into a thunderstorm.

soaked. getitng dark.
overshoot the spot,
backtrak, make camp in
a popular abused spot,
trash in the fire ring..

shoulda pushed further,
as usual...gotta go past that
85th percentile turnaround
spot, then you'll be where
you need to be.

rough night of pitter
patt drops on shelter
toss and turn slumber
fitfullness until 6:20am.

fuck it, it looks light out.
get up and get moving.
damn these fucking
little no see 'em bugs,
damnit!....little fuckers.
spritz, spray.....
fruitlessly hang rain
drenched fishing kit
to dry, then dick around
leisurely waiting for the
sun to burn it off. come on,
burn it off, come on...

ehh, fuck it. finish coffee,
consider a second batch,
try to eat some nasty
dehydro eggs, mmmm
pop tarts..much better.

pack up wet gear, the
damp gear, the untouched
kinda dry gear, filter water
into the empty bottles, finally
rig up for some fishin' and
head up stream, 9:30ish.

If I was in a harvesting
mood, a streamside fire
w/ a foil wrap, lemon and
Old Bay on those three
10-12" wild brookies
woulda made for an
incredible lunch...I was
lucky to barely get
decent pictures, maybe,
we'll see in a bit.

one fish had these
mesmerizing spots,
not just brookie vibrant
red, but these flouro-ira-
descent blue haloed
glowing spots...

not sure if the picture gizmo
captured it, it was a damp,
rough outing for the old Canon.

The packin' setup worked
great, probably enough
food for 3days ez, could
be taxing to fish with it
on full time. It sure was
for just a steady half day's

Feet and shoulders got
worked early. New shoe
break in, weak feet factor
didn't help, but figure that
stashing the 25ish lb pack
at a known campsite around
lunch time, then explore/fish
up, down, around, without
the load would be ideal....the
area is also open to bikes
from what I've read...

so, yeah, there's more to
it than that.....I'll get pics
loaded and sorted. And
now I have all week to
really explore the Letort,
and probably mix in a
more regionalish day trip
and maybe build up a
geared rehab pedal bike
thingy and maybe dig into
tearing down some wall
paper..hmmmm, colors...

never really took
a vacation like this

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Metro said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Odd ball question here, what kind of packed oatmeal are you chowing down on? I used to get some good organic stuff here in VA at a local grocery that is now out of business and I’m having a hard time finding comparable oatmeal that isn’t priced like steak.

Keep the good shit coming.