the shallow end...

yeah, I've registered in a
freakin' fly fishing forum....

somebody asked about silk lines,
I read a post or two, couldn't help
myself, and registered an account.

here're the postings (droppings?)

him referencing a bamboo & silk experience:

......When we got back to the car, Josh says "WTF? That thing sucked and weighed a ton. How can anyone fish with something like that?

yeah sight-nymph....and I bet that old fella would probably have the same thing to say about that lifeless high modulus super graphite rod your bud was using.

I got turned on to silk lines this year and love 'em, wouldn't fish with anything else given the choice...and yeah I also fish bamboo pretty much exclusively. If you're really interested, visit Jim & Jonas at the Feathered Hook in Coburn, they'll probably loan you a silk to try out on the water. I was hooked after just a short session of lawn casting outside the shop...

more info? here's a blurb about the 're-discovery' of silk fly lines: http://www.overmywaders.com/index.php?silk

Well, I don’t dress in a civil war uniform, use a sickle to cut my lawn, drive a 74 AMC Town & Country wagon to the stream or use a vintage bamboo with a centerpin reel. I certainly won’t use silk line but thanks for the info. Too much of a hassle. I think the advances in fishing technology are wonderful. I don’t get to fish much anymore so I want to maximize / enjoy what little time I do get on the water. To each their own I guess. I’m not much of a vintage kind of guy. Not sure that my fly box has seen a mickey finn, adams, hares ear or any ‘traditional’ patterns in 15+ yrs. If you want to use bamboo and silk, knock yourself out.

"knock myself out"????

whut? like bamboo & silk is a fucking handicap??

Let me ask you this....

Is newer, er, 'modern', always better?

Does anybody out there actually think
that trout have evolved all that much
in the last 100ish years?

yeah, well, I think ya'll know where my opinion lies...

does 'easier' always have to mean 'better.'

well, sure, I guess....

If you're a lazy fucking fuck!

what ever happened to 'earning it.'?
this gotta have it society we've
created, it really gets on my nerves.

Why I fish silk lines...

They're better, period.


They simply fish & cast better.
They are the standard for comparison.
(sorta like a cherry steel bike frame....)

they're natural,
not a modern factory
petroleum based PVC
corporate product.

Silk lines are handmade by some dude
with amazing skillz and time to do it right.

Mine came from a fella in Italy, also the home
of beautiful handmade bicycles, coincidence?

And did I mention that they're a
natural product....seen the Gulf lately?

yeah, whatever....


Damage Inc. said...
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Damage Inc. said...

Sweet. Particularly like the “earn it” part. Haven’t tried silk lines but, have a few vintage bamboo rods one from the 40s. I still take good fish on the hare's ear...? Kinda like the fixy old school-primitive you cant help but to ignore the modern from time to time.

That's what it meant to say disregard the previous post dam technology