the Letort.

It's been a long time coming.
Back onto hallowed ground,
this time actually rigging up
the rod. Finally willing to wet
a line and probably go home
skunked, frustrated & wondering
why I even bother trying to catch
these fish.

Sit quietly with momma deer,
resting the water and moving
even more quietly cautious
up the bank. Fishing tenderly
in rhythm with that gentle
limestone flow.

Observe, observe & read
the water and hope those
that passed thru earlier didn't
put all the fish down. Wait,
ponder, contemplate and
eventually, eventually, you
might put that fly into the
right seam of current at just
the right time....and maybe,
maybe, Mr. Trout will come
out to play.

man, it's been a while,
I love this stream.


Mark said...

Do you eat or Release?

Tomi said...

release...maybe, maaayyyybe keep a wild brookie or two once in a great while if the vibe is right.