different direction

usually at this spot, I begin
fishing directly upstream.
this time, went down then
worked back up, familiar
place, new perspective

hiking down thru the forest...

found crazy fungal orangeness

looks like a good spot to
start heading back upstream
(and it's Posted
directly behind
me :( )

is this where the phrase
'Gin Clear' comes from?

or 'spooky'? was a bit
surprised when this
stretch appeared..

ahhh, the fabled Adams hatch...

beautiful little brook trout


Chili said...

I think you can eat that crazy orange fungleness. ASk Brett and Donna.

Skippy said...

That there orange fungi is some good eatin'. It's called Sulphur Shelf (Laetiporus suphureus) and is also known as "chicken of the woods."

brett said...

chicken mushrooms! saute those bad boys up. you have to get them young, though--inspect closely to make sure there are no little worms.