back for more.

screw it. I promised myself
no pedaling for two weeks,
see how this cantankerous
knee responds to a quality
rest...well, I made it 10 days,
and the knee isn't really
feeling much better, not
much worse either, I'm
sure not happy with this
status quo.

But, it's just plain stoopid
to drive to the stream when
it's right. across. town.

So, load the pack, secure
the rod tube & spin on out
the path. Sit on a log, gear
up, soak it in hanging out
with Woody, then look for
some active trout.

There's a mild sulphur
hatch going on, not really
cranking yet, just enough
to have the trouts looking
to the sky.

Stand and observe, wait...


Where was that?


hmmm, that's in close,
holding tight to the near
bank. See the rise, mark
the spot, creep into a
good position and nail the
25' cast, money.

drift, drift, drift...getting
ready to pick up for a
second drift when the
water erupts in an orange
tinted SLASH!

Set the hook and feel
a bit of weight, yeah.
Figured on a smaller fish
from the way he took the
fly, not this 14" beauty...

boy, I've sure missed this.


brett said...

damn good readin'.

BUCK said...

The young man you spoke to last evening is Young Matthew's little bro. Funny eh?

Nice fish.

Tomi said...

yeah, got a note from Ward this morn, funny that.