3 for 3.

Back to the Letort.
If you believed what is
written about this stream,
you'd think it's pretty much
impossible to catch a trout
there, unless you possess
some form of ninja fly fishing

I mean, they're just trout, right?
They are finicky, but no more
so than any other wild trouts.

You gotta be quiet,
cuz they're spooky.

You gotta have a good
'presentation' of the fly,
cuz they demand perfection.

But I've seen just as many
denials from little mtn brookies
as I have from Letort browns.

Wild fish are as wild fish is,
no matter where you're at.

Simple as that.

(in other news, might be
on the upswing with the
knee thing...got a looksy
by the Doc, now working
out a kink or two to relieve
some imbalanced tension,
diggin' the results...time
will tell.)

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