well, I've got some time
off scheduled. Originally
was helping with that Trans
PeeYay race dilly...but the
tired knee and a desire to
avoid total mental burnout
pulled the plug on that.

The vacation time is on the
books though, gotta use it.
How? Well, the knee is coming
around, slowly. Couple of
acheless mornings recently,
the ez around town spinning
and knot loosening massage
is helping. Not anywhere
near ready for 'real riding'
yet though...gotta have

So, looking at the maps,
looking at the gear bin
that's full of uber light
overnight gear...turns out
that the 50^ bag/pad/shelter/
cook kit easily fits into the mid
size Marmot pack, with enough
room for warm layers & food
for a night or two.

Add in a couple fly boxes &
spools of tippet, strap a
rod & wading shoes to the
outside...and the question
simply becomes, where?

It's gotta be someplace new,
someplace to explore...Hammersly
Fork, Cedar Run, Slate Run,
headwaters of Kettle Creek...
use Ole Bull for a base camp?

Can't imagine there'll be too
many folks out during mid week,
but it is a holiday-ish time
frame...would be reallly cool
to explore some stately quiet
old growth, catch a wild trout
or two...ahhhh, choices.


Taylord said...

Kettle Creek headwaters. Slate and Cedar took a hit a year or two ago in a big flood and the trout population took a hit, though headwaters might be worth a look; the BFT is incredible hiking

Tomi said...

yeah, I've ridden the BFT, the upper end of Slate near Morris looked good, fished it lower down years and years ago...the upper end of Kettle looks good on the Google. About a 3mile roadless stretch w/ lots of feeders coming into it, the whole drainage is Brookie enhancement regulated..

brett said...

i concur with upper Kettle. awesome area. even if you catch nothing, it'll be grand.