yeah, if you're looking for 'bike stuff'...
i rode this wknd, it felt good, tired
knees feeling better, rested. a qwik
spin in a few moments will test this

bikes, fishing...for me, yeah it's all
connected. that 'why?' question.
why singlespeed, why fix, why flyfish,
why sketchy, spooky wild trout, why
always paring it down to traditon, old
school styley? mmmm, silk fly line..

because the more I think it about,
the more I realize that I fucking
deal with technology every fucking
day, every fucking minute I'm at
work, whenever I'm out there in
the mainstream world...running
errands, weekly detrious of 'life',
this blog...

Now, why would I want that crap
to invade my time, my space, my
liesure recovery me time? Why do
I do what I do? Is it so I can stay
'plugged in'?

fuck. no.

My time is my time, it's when
I get to reconnect with the
realness of the world, it's when
I get to step away from the
comfortable created artificial
existence we modern folk
have created for ourselves.
the fewer reminders of that
plane, the simple betterness.

(and yes, I get the potential
hypocrisy of all that this
blog implies, if it wasn't
here, then it would be very
poor hand sketches & journal
notes...and ya'll would/will surely
be missing out until that time
capsuel is discovered. :P )

so, anyways, I think I'm starting to
figure out why I do what I do, turnin'
40 causes a pause for reflection...still
lots to learn, always, but feeling like
I've maybe got a clue, found a clue
or two nowadays, enough that I just
gotta ask..

Why do you do what you do? How you
do? I mean seriously, ya'll think I'm
the nut?

Simply put, my time is my time.

So, why would I want my time inundated
with all of that which I'm trying to
escape in the first place?

common sense,
simple common sense.


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I hear nintendo has a new fly fishing game for the WII. You should get it. I'll text you later!


Chili said...

Right on Bro! Lemme know if you need any peacock feathers for those ties.