dawn patrolin'

well, sort of, forgot how
long the commute to Big
Flat is. Did catch first
rays, just not from the
saddle proper.

it was a quiet, relaxed ride.
Beaver-spin up the road.
Just a pleasant spin, enjoying
Springtime near the water.

Water. It's been pulling on
me recently. Had briefly
entertained thoughts of
playing in a boat, haven't
ruled it out 100%...do I
really need another gear
intensive pursuit that involves
that much driving, that much
extraneous extra stuff...chasing
the water, doing the shuttles...
meh, I do enough of that during
the winter, trying to hang out
with Ullr.

But, man, hanging out in these
environs, it pulls. So, I regrettably
gave some money to The Man and
bought a fishing license this year,
first since '04. Figured if I'm gonna
be on a piece of water where I might
get scrutinized, like fishing evening
sulphers on the LeTort instead of
just chasing brookies up in those
hidden pockets of nowhere in the
Tuscarrora, I should have that piece
of paper, ya know?

wonder how long 'til I'm tying like
that again? practice, practice...I
think I'll start with some simple
hare's ear nymphs.


Anonymous said...

fixie bike packin'


Anonymous said...

Got boats (WS Diesel 75 & Pyranha Recoil(L), PFD, paddle, skirt just settin' in the garage waitin' for someone to use them !!! No cold weather gear for you tho' so best wait for warm water/air and then get in close to home (Marysville). Just say when. HA !