back to basics.

got myself a little
something something
for myself for my birthday.
Splurged, completing a
promise I'd made years
ago when I parted out the
then unappreciated quiver.
I knew I would fish cane
again, cast a line with that
lovely reed, handplaned,
handcrafted bamboo.

there is no finer instrument
made for spending a moment
with Mr. Trout. just a matter
of time, ya know?

New rod? may as well get
a fresh reel too. Something
to complement the 3wt rod.
Picked up a little disc drag
jewel by JA Forbes. Semi
traditional English machined
barstock style, nice aesthetic,
it holds line well.

Annnnnd, after fishing today,
went one more step and picked
up a silk line. Jim let me cast
one yesterday. Didn't take long
to figure out that plastic is no
match...3 more rounds of pre
conditioning, then it'll see
water, midweek?

Managed to sneak onto
a piece of water for a qwik
spell yesterday during a
circutious commute home
from Coburn. Got in a couple
dozen casts before a line of
gnarly storms blew me home.
Not quite the first outing I'd
hoped for...

So today...well, all the pics are
from today, it was a morning
well spent in the woods.


dicky said...

Nice fish.

Spanky said...

dear lord Tomi, that is beautiful. thanks for sharing