I follow politics off and on. When it's on,
I get bothered by it, the non-sensical do
nothingness. Unplug, come back, and
nothing's changed. Politicians, our gov't
representatives in this democraticly elected
representative governed country, don't do
shit for we the people, they don't have our
best interests in mind. They rely on entrenched
power structures, enabled and enhanced
by hyper capital corporatism, and live the
good life, puppets, pawns, blinders on.

They don't represent we the people, they don't.
Don't kid yourself thinking they do, this entire
Health Care Reform debacle is just one example.
We voted for change, promises were made,
and we got bullshit weakkneed pragmatic
anything but visionary 'leadership' in return.
The public option is overwhelmingly popular,
but somehow 'controversial' for our reps to
enact? Bought and paid for, .

It's amazing to watch the tea baggers.
These dumb ass sheeple, being herded
about ignorantly by the very corporate
fat cat interests that they protest. The
marketing scheme is amazing to watch,
the effective manipulation, wow.

Did we also all get sucked into the 'change'?
Cuz the new boss sure sounds and acts a lot
like the old boss..another 30k troops to do what?
And how about all these new green jobs?
ohhh, unemployment is still rising? you got
played by the Repugs on the stimulus too?

2010, election year, midterm. I'm probably not
the only who's not excited to vote next year, or
support these spineless fuckers we put into office.
Ya know? Fuck it, let the country just go to complete
shit, let the teabaggers come out in droves and elect
their freak ass fringe candidates, then you can
compromise with an even more hardcore mindset...
maybe then, the shit'll really hit the fan. Maybe then,
after letting those right wing morans have a say, maybe
after they totally wreck the place, maybe then the people
will wake up and catch a glimpse of what's going on.

Was having conversation, 'Do you really think there
could be a revolution, you know, a revolution?'

Well, you put people into enough despair, and the
marketing hype eventually just won't jive with reality,
and then folks might get a bit pissed off at the right
people. So, have an election that shifts power back
into that oh so successful mindset of previous
administrations, and see what happens in a
couple years or so..

will be an interesting journey regardless, always is.



Bender said...

I love how teabaggers are against government spending NOW. Where the hell were they 6 years ago when we needed them? I guess they're only AGAINST government spending when it helps people pay for healthcare and FOR government spending when we're killing soldiers and innocent Iraqis for no reason at all. I guess that's why they're called teabaggers. Bush and Cheney showed them their balls and the teabaggers opened their mouths up nice and wide.

Chili said...

You'd make an awesome government employee.

brett said...

viva la revolucion!

we were talking about the same thing this morning. the only difference between dems and repugs seems to be what flavor of shit people prefer.

i. too, want a nobel peace prize for shipping more troops somewhere to kill and blow shit up.

Mark said...

Bama was against going to war in 2001. Bush starter an endless war, for business related reasoning (opinion or fact). Afgan has some serious problems now and did at the start of desert freedom but Bush's boyz focused on revenging the Desert Storm. We can not police the world and protect our own country, federal reserve and Wall streets drives everything. Corruption and greed is always present. We pay taxes on everything. Where does it all go? Education and Health Care is a social justice, we pay for it one way or another. Nobody wants to be told how to live. Votes count but majority wins. I feel like I think as a minority. Be free live free, die free.

'e' said...

people always ask why I ride bikes......................I'm training for the revolution!!!

Anonymous said...

If you ignore it it won't go away......

.... but at least you're not paying attention.

Joey and Mandi said...

Politicians are irrelevant.

The Federal Reserve/World Bank and the military industrial complex run this country and many others.

In its current form the health care reform bill is nothing but bail out for the insurance companies.

Yeah, where were the tea baggers for the last eight years?

War=Peace? How Orwellian.

Dennis Kucinich vs Ron Paul in 2012. A couple politicians who actually know how to read and have the best interests of the US in mind.


PS: viva la revolution only if is a revolution of the mind.