for reference

did more digging into the gps
gadgetry, dissecting the data.

first, I think the total vert
ascended is a bit on the high
side. looking at the track info,
while standing at 0mph in the
wind on Bald, my elevation
varied 20-40' up and down,
assume these fluctuations were
tallied into the total...so I'm
rounding that number down,
call it 5k for the day..

then started looking at speed.
always been curious, how fast?
I know groomers rip by pretty
quick sometimes, as in don't
fucking crash your road bike
speeds. And I recognize the
tree passing sensations in the
glades as being quite similar
to that of ripping tight single
track...it all just feels the same.

well, it pretty much is the
same. open main slope
schussin at WG falls into
the low-mid 20's. Flowing
in the fall line glade skiing,
looks to average 12-14mph...

no wonder those trees
hurt when you hit 'em.

curious now, how fast
on the open groomed?

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