flying solo

keep my own company, follow
a rough plan, loose agenda,
knowing that the task is enough,
notthe ends, but the means,
get lost in the task. breath
thru it, one pedal stroke at
a time, one kick up the skin
track at a time.

get lost in the quiet motions,
match pace to how much thinking
needs done, or sometimes how
little. dig deep into it, and just
move forward. always moving
forward, one foot continually
in front of the other taxing
the system, attempting to free
the mind, let instinct rule the
body for a bit.

thru the looking glass eyes
absorb it all and search for
different spectrums, internal,
external. not into the next or
after, but the nowness of it all.
seek that lostness in the present
and see where it goes.

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