opening day.

awake after a fitful night's sleep.
head is blurry, stomach is meh.
rally down some oats, coffee,
out the door. it's chilly out, good.

20ish minute commute passes
quickly, into the pass holder lot,
not quite in time for the line up.
phone rings, it's Bender...freshies
on Exi! yeah, whatever, where
are my fucking headphones!

finally geared up, on the chair,
pick some tunes, Super Fly
soundtrack it is. Buckle down,
quick stretch and push off into
the fall line. Ahhh man-made
bliss, how I've missed you.

Snow is actually decent considering
it's lineage, guns still blasting.
Stack the bones, ankles/hips/
shoulder perpendicular to the slope,
hands driving, but not reaching,
find that pinky toe and work from
the inside ski. Just like riding a bike,
right back on it.

Seek that clean carve, find the edge
of the ski and ride it thru the arc,
release and pop into the next, play
with the rolling terrain and softness
under the guns. Take what we can
get, make the most of it.

ski the tight edges, then open it up
GS styley and use it all, hit the lift
breathless over and over and over.
short break mid morning, then on it
'til lunch. Punch out after a four hour
session before overextending and enjoy
a nip of Two Hearted.

So it begins, just need to kick this cold.

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