Happy Jack!

JAck Frost celebration of all things good and natural and mountains and winter and people was a blast. A blast of fresh air, to break out of post fall doldrums, flip the switch and it's on, like donky kong, or somethin. skiing was great, mid boot cuff over a warm grass base. clumpage was and issue, skiing well past sunset was mystical dreariness on top of a storming Bald Knob, sharing the scene with silent deer, remembering what real cold feels like, and loving the woolie that was stashed in the rucksack. then party party party celebrate dance and mingle and celebrate and put faces to names and names to faces and dance and bonfire and SHOT SKI! then it got sorta off kilter blurry for a bit. Drink it blue and awaken with weary IceBox campers, try to rally the worn out stomach, slowwwww, layzzeeee headache moving start, on skis crack of 11 for a couple hours short tour to flush the blood thru the system. From storm to bluebird and soak it in, short lap to Bald, smidge of singletrack cruising and looking for that turning groove sensation on the main slope, luckily, the snow was realllllly GOOD, unfortunate that the day 2 legs couldn't do it justice. couple of pics, full set on the Smug.


Juanderson said...

Hell yess! Glad to see White Grass is back online! We're still waitin for one more big one before it's go-anywhere time around here. This morning is was -7F when I woke up and the high is 5F. Ouchie.

Nick Waite said...

Yeah yeah, good rappin' with ya in the WG Breezeway. See you in the set track and Baldy steeps soon!

Anonymous said...

yeah man, that snow was nice, real nice! kinda still there up high as a thin bulletproof base too... more snow, more snow....bomber condish! maybe sweet sunday?