sellin' out.

started another project a few weeks ago. Saturday
was go time after a sweet post rain sticky clean
BlueBLaze-Narrows session with Jake. tomato and pepper starters from Jackie, sowed in some
carrots and lettuce, onions and broccolli. Wonder how this
chilling rainstorm will affect it all?

Sunday ridin', lots of this as usual:

Unfortunately led to some of this, Pedro found a tree:Buck put some ooomph into it, better than before, bit of fine tuning, we kept moving. Man I love it here. so does this little guy, Huck Gettier:

and this was on my doorstep today, thanks guys!

more later.......



BUCK said...

Pedro also bent his steer tube. Go figure? It was a hard ass hit!!

mattchew said...

nice looking tomies. they should be fine as long as they get plenty of sun. but, you know, summer gardening is one of the hallmarks of getting old. good thing you still haul ass, it'll keep the wolves away for a little while longer.

Fxdwhl said...

do you get a team quad like dicky?