Rich & I entered a contest,
to get into a bike race.

We weren't chosen as finalists.
We made clear our intentions to do
the damn thang fixed.

I thought, of course, that we had a
pretty damn entertaining and not too
boastful letter of intent. The thought
was that we had to present our palmar'es
in order to ease any fears that we
wouldn't be able to finish the event.
I thought we did that in a creative and
not toooo racer boy way to at least get
a shot at the public vote.

Didn't happen, didn't make the cut.
I wonder why? Maybe we didn't fit
the criteria, being more racing circus
sideshow pals vs super buddy wknd
warrior riding partners. Maybe they
didn't want to risk a sweet prize package
on two fixed gear kooks who they assumed
wouldn't be able to finish their catered
event.....who knows.

leaves bitter thoughts.

last wknd brings new strength.
now wheels are turning. what to do?
what to do? what to do?

Put on a show.


Jabber.....of course.

Fixed....and chase that 9hr dragon.

or Free?
Free......free, free, free. hhmmmm,
that should put the fkear in ya.
I might have a point to make in a
week and a half. gettin' hungry.
might even throw the Reba on
the Jabber, see how she likes the
squish. maybe it's time to come
out from the shadows, for a bit.

beyond all that and backtrack a bit;
Harlan sent me, by request, a handful of
pictures from last wknd, I think they're
a quick Cliffnotes version of the ss S-D-S
and this one by Chris:
makes it all worth it,
thanks again everybody.


Jimmy K said...

the first year, the big boys said it couldn't be done: Geared bikes only.

thanks for a little paradigm shift t.

CabbageHead said...

Sorry to hear that you won't be making the big trip. Never know, might pay off in other ways.