fuel to the fire

couple days of relapse.
Wendy's Baconator indulgence for post race
recovery. Followed by Monday laziness, and
then take out lunch for the first time in months,
since I started doing the two wheeled commute.
The chicken cheesesteak was solid reinforcement
to keep brown bagging it.

On the road bike and down into Meeshow last
two nights. Tackled 233 tonight, remembered
the key to 2:1 power, more work to do.

But those damn distractions, springtime in Peeyay!:

Think that it's time to start looking for a fresh fork
and resurrect old red. The TK is sooo comfy, but
also kinda whippy. Leaves a bit to be desired when
trying wind it out into the mid 30's,

What's ahead? I'm gonna ride a coasty bike this
wknd, should be interesting. Need to shake down
the Dos before S-D-S. 80+60 w/ 16k & 14k puts
me in the mood for a bit more freedom on the downside.
Then roll that over into the Mohican for another battle
with the 9hour demon. And if you think 5th ain't shit......
a spot on an actual box is the next step,
see ya at the Stoopid, bitch.

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Tim said...

sometimes i think about the beautiful woods i ran and rode thru before moving west. that was the best about living in peeyay (i like that!)