keeps you honest.
lets you know when.

the Jabber looks like this,
but just thru the wknd.

why? I have my reasons. this:
& this:(thanks Boyes.)

the fabled S-D-S.

another step into new territory.
some familiar terrain involved,
some not so much.

how deep does the well go?

Was tired last wknd, tacho not
winding up. because of the fear?
subconcious self preservation
keeping that powder dry? or
genuine from all the work since
March? few small scattered breaks,
but the load has been consistant.

so, minimal riding this week. trying
to read the signs, and not seek the
bailouts on the map.

this ride scares me.

other scarey things, help fight a good fight:
HERA Women's Cancer Foundation
please throw some love Sam & Elk's way,
feel good about doing something!!!
win an IF fork! race for free!
win the best freewheel out there!
Here's the info: BikeReg Raffle


Anonymous said...

I am really stoked about the SDS ride. Don't know if I can do the full 2nd day, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

BUCK said...

Anonymous might need some cow time on day #2. Which should leave him/her rested to drive your full pull ass home.