back to basics

stoner move, left the front wheel
in the alley. realized it out at
the Pioneer Cemetary along Laurel Run.
ninja mission into the Tuscarrora w/ Buck
was aborted. Shortest commute options
weighed on the drive back to town. Snag
the wheel from the alley grass quickly
parking at Marsh Run, then smoothly
grooving up to Hammond's Rock via old
school Spruce Run, 10:15ish.

Beer & sammy break at the Vista/Canyon split
maybe hooking up w/ Philly posse on the move,
no signs, so drop it like it's hot for quick photo
sesh into Canyon. squish.
Up Blue blaze to Fox Trot and roll
the sweetest finishing ridge descent
in Meeshow, imho.

Springtime Marshes.Short but sweet holidaze blowout. Blurry-ed focus
along Ridge Rd Enduro to Gretel & Hanzel and testing
ghetto tubeless on the Lollipop plunge. Mad Scientist
brewed up some wickkkkked bermed out fixy love,
new heartrate gizmo logged me a max of 198 in there
somwhere, huh. Brilliant euphoric sensations for a bit, wish
Pedro had had the helmet cam......then the hands
fell apart and had to kick it back before finishing with some
Roman Candle escalante' on Fegley to a back track on
the just give 'er enduro love. Sweetly timed 100% focused
uphill log hop set the tone for paring it all down to just
traction & breathing, Ridge Rd was a welcome sight.
Tastey chicken and enough beer drinking to bring a sunburn
wraps up that first step into the next phase.

mmmmm, neopolitan icecream.


Fxdwhl said...

don't just make buck look like a rock star, hand that camera off every now and then.

Anonymous said...

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Andy said...

years ago
i had a stoner move too
in the same day,
i ran over my fr wheel with my vw golf (& it lived) then left it behind on a sidewalk near belmont wheel works and never saw it again.