it's weird.

you try to relate skiing.
to what you assume is not
a skiing centric audience,
to a bike centric audience,
thru a bike honed, Ewok
pedaling ninja lens.

And it's weird, cuz it
watch the ski porn,
the PRO's can't even
explain it. that full body
massage, tingly adrenal
rushing soothing essence.

are there words for
the sensations? what
is it about skiing powder?

it's different than over the
shoulder disconnected Ewok
grinning glowing head thru
the Bambi trail...this is thru
the Rabbit hole and into an
effortless preternatural float
that denies the theory of
gravitational sensations you
think you understand.


how is that possible?
then poof again. and
muffled flight ensues.


strange that.

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