So. Here we are, where we at?
Always sorta asking myself,
where you at?

"Where you at, with respect to A,
with respect to B, C, T?"

Takes three points plus time
to be semi accurate.


"yeah, quick inventory, where
you at?"

Wellll, I'm not where I was before.
I'm here now, was there then. There.
Then, where're you going?

Working on that. Yeah, been saying
it out loud, couple times now, to a
broader audience of friends now
and then, more recently in the now,
as March now approaches, and all I
wanna do is ski...once conditions
rebound from this rain, nice sucker
punch Ullr, you pussy. {thanks, though}

Yeah, it feels good to be retired. Taking a step back from the game. No objective goal or hurdle projected into the future, no big race looming on a forecasted calender. I mean shit, I'm done. That fire in the belly finally feels like a smooth burning charcoal diamond ember. Like the smooth flow of Chipper's white oak enhanced mtn spring water...an easily stokable flame to get you thru the rough patches of the new adventures, but without the concern to get it burning white hot peak clear flame blowout. No more objective goals, other than the steps it'll take to tackle a 5 day ride, that I'm giving myself 8 to complete...so still lots of fun figuring some shit out....but...less intensive bike focused energies open up a positive balance sheet for other pursuits...so, if the blog gets weirder at times..yeah, whatever. ya know?

not like I'm gettin' paid to do this, and you're not gettin' paid to read it, well maybe, lots of office types out there....anyways,
this has always been an outlet or something..is what it is.

and with that....these fucking Anon commentors are starting to bug me, no respect from the fucking 'bots....might flip that switch, sorry.


camps said...

I like your writing very much as inspires greatly me to do big similar thinks.

Should decide you to flip the switch, two options you have to stop my bot friends. Chuse you carefully

Jacob said...

Tomi your blog is a good read and your ego is too big to stop blogging... Oh wait! I meant to post that as anonymous or at least my replies on your govt rants.