gettin' down in the hometown.

points to those that can identify the venues.

what freakin' wknd!!!! the south central is going. off1!
big pow lines, bountiful glades both solo and with good
friends old & new. damn, if only, every year, like this?
shiiit, this is dreamtime sequence gametime jedi post
work ninja schralpage in new sweet & steep honey hole,
already ingrained with good vibe memories. earn it, full
time until it is no more, time to charge the batteries,
refills are a coming....thank you Ullr, we ain't skeered.





ray said...

sunday looks like flatrock

Anonymous said...

Saturday looks like King's Gap. I remember years ago when Kurt took Jill and I on a little tour of that area.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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