gonna put it on mah fixy


what I want.
is blingy new valve cap.
a handmade valve cap.

Made In America.

construed of bamboo-
hemp hybreed, grown in
east asia, with carpet
fibre stiction strips,
for easy handling.

and a tiny chrome flame.



Anonymous said...

I am stopping by there on my way to Richmond airport today. A little NAHBS before flying to Utah and then on to Boise - start to a pretty sweet trip

Metro said...

I personally was looking for a carbon fiber kickstand with Ti mounting hardware. Leaning my bike against trees is really ruining the paint. But I dig the bling factor of the valve cap idea.

If you happen to find yourself in the River City this weekend stop by Cary Town Bikes Friday night for a beer and/or the Capital Ale House downtown Richmond Saturday night for the Trailicious party.

If you find yourself atop a ski carve a sweet one for me.

Either way enjoy it man.