qwik n dirty Teaberry

about 200yds in, on the gravel road,
I pulled a rookie move. Overlapped wheels,
couldn't get off it after long grind, and went
down pretty hard at 20ish mph, sorry everybody.

got cleaned up by the medics, initial
trauma shock of impact wore off, felt
like I could pedal and hold the bars
again after dicking around for 15ish
minutes, walk it off. went back out,
tapped into a pissed off attitude
and chased and chased and chased
until I couldn't chase no more. Had
worked back into second behind
Theo before cracking hard on 3 Stooges.
Couldn't close that final gap, but....

Unfortunate/fortunate turn of events
saw Theo pedaling head down & missing
some arrows, subsequently doing a bit of
extra off course pedaling while I was
hiking up the final climb content w/ 2nd.

So, by some karmic intervention or
something, I managed to plop my
ass on the top step of the podium,
that was a tough day.

Props to the visionaries behind
that loop, booYahh!


brett said...

nice job, man. no wonder you passed on the beer when you went by soundin' like a steam loco-motive.

Anonymous said...

Nice job logtard! Way to finish strong.

Stubbie said...

you ARE going to claim that $$ on your taxes.... aren't you.