finished building my new wheels...

SS wheel:
White Ind Eno hub
DT Comp 2.0/1.8
Bontrager Duster rim
19t Eno fw: 2 lb 11oz.

IGH wheel:
Alfine 501
DT straight 2.0
Bontrager Duster rim
20t cog: 5lb 6oz.

Add in the shifty bits and looks like about a 3lb gain to go from single to 8sp internal.

For touring, factor in the weight loss due to changing from the OMM rack to the freshy fresh Epic bag system, will probably see a net gain of 2ish lbs, maybe a bit less.

2lbs for less hiking, less blowed up calves/achilles while keeping a clean, direct chainline?

I'll take it.

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The Evil MGE! said...

Fuggin weak sauce without pics. 3 lbs sounds right for a gain over IGH compared to SS.

I'm sure you've researched it but if the 42.5 mm chainline doesn't workout, flip your cog and it'll work out to around a 47.5mm chainline.

I ended up going with seat stay cable routing on mine by flipping the non turn washers from their respective sides to the opposite. Had to bend my cassette joint arm to get out of the way of the chain mated to a reversed 22 tooth (47.5mm chainline) but it works great.