playing with the scale

new bits have arrived.

old MSR Pocket Rocket w/ small ISO canister: 10.1oz

new windshield w/ Esbit 'stove' & (3) cubes: 6.0oz
w/ alcohol stove (dry): 5.3 oz

full cook kit w/ Ti kettle, 12oz.

old bivy in stuff sac: 16.9oz

new shelter w/pole & stakes: 18.2oz.
w/ ground cloth: 22.6oz.

gained 5.7oz w/ the shelter, dropped 4ish w/ the stove.

Added 2oz to the load, but should now be
somewhat comfy if stuck in actual weather.
I'll take it.

also losing 25ish ozs by eliminating the rack.
the mock up load on the bike the other night
w/ the new bags showed low/mid 30's on the
moderately accurate bathrrom scale. no water
or ride food, but a pretty realistic thrown together
tour kit, all the big pieces were in there..

Alfine hub is expecting to add 3lbs over the single,
which will pretty much put my rolling weight right
back around 35ish...but with less hiking, more
pedaling. Shakedowns being pondered, but first,
gotta toe the line one more time.

wonder if the fire really is out?

1 comment:

sean said...

i love my esbit stove, but you should include something to wrap the bottom of your pot in when calculating weight, because it DOES leave a sticky, gooey residue on the bottom of and a little bit up the sides of whatever you're cooking in.

also, do NOT use it directly on anything wooden or flamable, like a picnic table.....

i like to cary a piece of aluminum foil to put under it as a heat shield(for the table) and to catch the little bits of hexamine that fall through.

incredibly simple and effective though.