tomorrow, looks like a Denton trip.

I'm gonna just ski.  taking the full
quiver.  Bro's w/ skins to misery 
stick nnn-bc waxless.  I'm gonna
just ski, and get the shit out of my
head.  go where I want, how I want.

I'm not gonna self critque the turn,
I'm gonna turn when I need to, where
I need to and flow that shit down the
side of the hill.  I'm gonna tippy toe
some turns, drop my hands and use 
the leverage of the big plastic and rely 
on athleticism over form to go have a 
rippin' good time.  fuckin' clinics, 
gettin' in my head. do wanna strive, get 
off this plateau, but need to cut loose.
and being anonymous at Denton chasing
leftovers and singletrack access freshies
will let me do that. or hit WG and crush
the bases...hmmm, fresh rock grind????

then do it again locally on sunday.
and then spin some pedals in the slightly
milder weather that's forecast, let the
recent ski binge soak into the tired 
legs.....and scratch that other itch, 
it's been awhile.

sswc'09 is in the mail, 
last day of reg,
thankful that 
I 'know people'
tight, yo.

to the basement!

wax on. wax off.
too bad this chick
isn't a Rountop local.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy my friend!

camps said...

This one is a local at Liberty. Not that I clicked through or anything...