yeah, Whitegrss is back in session.
Lee is still the toughest man I know,
just walk it off. I'm glad I have friends
willing to follow me around on a pair
of skis. Seeing new sights, sharing
new routes alway makes it worth it.
Stats: -19F rolling thru Davis. Hit the
Uptrack 9:20ish,explored some blue
ribbon Wildeness. Saw some stoner
hippy's rehab snowoshoe track from
Friday, then explored over in the
birches before a couple laps on the
pipeline proper. Boogied back via
Uppper Springers for a fun lap down
the main slope. Six hour tour, took
a break with a Hop Devil and a couple
sips of hi-test spring water....then back
out for a hot lap on the mainslope,
busting ot the straight shot skintrack
for a really really really fun last run.

must sleep


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