went to WhiteTail on Sunday for the teleday clinics.

not sure why I went, to support the 'scene' I guess.
was in the large group of advanced, and went over the 
same drills and technique explanations that I heard
four years ago at the last clinic I did.

Instructors were really cool and definitely had the skillz.
They're based out of Timberline, lots of common friends
and shared knowledge of the nooks and crannies of the Mtn 
State.  The networking was probably the best part of the day.

but.....PSIA.....blech.  Too much 'by the book', this is the
proper way to do things for my taste, not enough one on 
one feedback.  Tis the nature of the beast though, large 
group demands catering to the lowest common denominator.  
So if you're ahead of the curve, it feels repetitious, is 
repetitious, the mind wanders and focus is lacking.  I 
just don't wanna skid thru round turns down the groomer
over and over and over.  I wanna get my carve on!  

I want to be put on a hard line, ski it on my limit and be 
picked apart at the bottom.  I wanna be challenged, have 
my form fall apart, then be told why that just happened, 
and how to prevent it next time.

I know this sounds like sour grapes, probably cuz it is.
Has more (all) to do w/ expectations vs reality.....

I shoulda hit the road and chased the pow up north,
or at least saved the dough to use it later for some 
one on one lessons with a guru who can take the time 
to pick it all apart.

I fucking hate monomarks.  I don't wanna hear that it's
best to not try to turn on the 'ice', I wanna hear about
how to stick an edge and rip that shit.  I wanna learn 
something new, be told about some little Jedi mind
trick that gets the body moving in the right direction.

"When shit gets hairy like it just did, think about doing this......"

nature of the beast.

I need to ski some quiet snow.


swithers said...

I ain't no guru but between our group we should be able to critique/recommend/advise each other. Video taping would be worthwhile too, and of course plenty of beer to help with the analysis.

Bender said...

Tom, you need to squeeze your ass cheeks together a little more when skiing the headwall of gunbarrel. And try picturing the lift opt naked on the triple chair. Thats all I have for now. You look good otherwise.

Tomi said...

Emily sure is a sweet little thing.