so, we've gone from bikes to skis 

with absolutely no interlude, this'll 
help keep off the Holidaze ballast.  
Roundtop opens Friday, might as
well go pick up my pass, maybe 
make a few afternoon turns.
Bro's are here, whoot! sweet flexin'
ski, and light.  G3 Ascents are now 
on the way, just need to find some 
cheap skins.....and a plane ticket.

Gratuitous partial quiver shot:

ya know, nothing beats a good ski tour.  
go out and make it what you want, just like 
a bike ride.  Do what it takes to get out there.
Do some exploring, get turned around but 
never backtrack, cuz you're not really lost, yet.  

Work yourself  into that quiet spot,
find those thin places, stop and listen 
to the trees.  Turn an hourish scouting 
lap into a 4hour loop before succumbing
to the howls of the powder hounds and 
venturing into shin deep windbuffed 
powwypowpow.  Three shaky baby deer 
turns, then get comfortable with gravity
and let the ski work.....ohhhh baby, 
ohhh baby.

1 comment:

Jamie E said...

Word! I love the tele quiver. Let me know if you come out to CO to ski...Jamie E.