here we go....I should be prepping ski gear, 

digging thru closets, looking for gloves,
goggles, base layers....but I feel the urge to 
start thinking about next year's "thing to do."  
NUE was this year, it was fun, saw lots of new 
sights, new riding budds met, experiences 
shared, good times.
good times.  

and now I sit here with this idea that's been 
bouncing around for years and I'm absorbing 
maps and pulling up memories and tweakin' 
on Goggle Earth to finally get the ball rolling 
on a connected self supported ridgeline multi 
day tour fest.  figure out the route, arrange 
the shuttle, winkwink Mumbles.  Park the car at B, get
dropped off at A and try to follow a plan to get 
back to B in the time allotted.  Hit it in a few 
3-4day segements, then lay it down from A to B 
to C to D to E.....those fuckers won't let us on 
the AT, time to figure out the alternate.


Anonymous said...

I think the AT section should be held at night. The way it's legal to ride.

Metro said...

Man I laid out a solid route Monday from Massanutten’s Elizabeth Furnace, south to the Burg then further south via the SMT to Douthat State Park then further south to the base of the Dragon’s back ridge at #311 at the Old AT parking lot. So far it’s 211 miles and 52K’ of climbing. Now I need to buy some more maps for north of the Nutt and south of the butt err I mean Dragon’s Back. How’s the PA stuff looking.

PS Thanks for that rack link.