must stop.

must. stop. twitching.

skis are in transport
from Canuckistan.
I've peeked at Rockies
early season ski porn.
fuuuuuuck, I want some.

must distract.  fixed up
the Jabber, back home again.
fun Sunday, 'cakes humoring 
me on the front, 'til I'd blow 
up, inevitable.  The flow pulled
at me, that helping hand when
the pitch rolls against gravity.
Brakeless wide eyed wonderment
thru the glades..Ninja pedal skills 
were in effect, but a smidge 

The line easily recognizable.

must. focus.  heading down valley
on Sat for the 6Pak Invitational & 
Fixed Gear Championship of the Universe.
Run what ya brung as usual, spun out 
big mtn slum here we come....  
Hillendale?  gonna freakin' rock 
out with my cock out, how else
can you approach an event of 
such magnitude?  I'm racing for
the Ocean, biatch.  !

time to go work on that 
fucking bottom bracket, 


doug said...

What I do is just not think about it until the snow hits. My boards are in the basement hidden somewhere. Sticking to two wheels for now...

Tomi said...

yeah, I find it rough when the leaves are at their worst. not excited for the road bike yet, especially at night. once we get a bit more steady rain event and a bit of traffic, the flow will come back around...enough to get to mid/late Dec for mid grade groomer conditioning...