in threes.

the aborted MeeshowHundo.
the aborted two night trip.
the aborted 9hr attempt.

I heard that Danny Brennan turned a sub 9 fixed up in
Michigan, props, nice work. I cracked, and stoked the
ego instead, Mohican was tough, it was a long year.
100 milers from April thru Sept, a stage race, a super
fatty supported overnight, two unsupported overnights,
two new to me Classiques, handful of other Classiques
and too, too many to count Epiques.

The MeeshowHundo will happen, that's just matter of
swapping an ego stoke pay to play for a solo mission.

The aborted tour, just wasn't in the cards that wknd,
unexpected weather, flat legs and better option for after
the bail won out. Was reaching kinda far and I knew it,
no worries.

9 hours. man, that one gnaws at me. From what I know
of myself, it'll need to be a great day for it to happen.
I'm just not that dedicated. Normal trial and error will
get me close, as it has before, just need a bit more special
aligning of the stars. The route? I think the 101, it's
practically my backyard, the terrain feels like home, is
home. 25 to 30minute efforts with an immediate fall line
hammering, tempo the rest. ran 8:20 free, 9:20 fixed,
drop a tooth and split the difference. Stage race in early
July to set the table, normal prep for that leads to traditional
strength in early June. Time that for the Meeshow effort.

Want to bag few tours early, tighten up that game.
The big goals remain semi-unspoken, more beta
needed. 9hrs? If it happens, it happens, not a focus, ya
know? Short term....those new trails at Raystown
are looking sweet....anybody wanna shuttle me home
from the grand opening wknd next spring, I'll leave
here Thurs eve, meet ya'll out there sometime Saturday.....


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brett said...

we'd give you a lift back, if you need it. we'll be out there, too.