getting acquainted

Went to the Allenberry Heritage Day last wknd, real good time, lots of history and talent in one place at one time, pretty neat stuff. Had on my mind that empty quiver slot for shorter 4wt, and when I came across a Duracane 704, pretty hard to walk away...especially after lining it up with the 4wt silk I just happened to have along. It's a Maxwell era rod and I've been a fan of him for a while now, partially due to T&T being here in the Cumberland Valley in their early days, homewaters and all of that......
So, figuring out where to take this rod for its first outing was a pretty easy decision, I kinda figure that those early rods were probably influenced in some way by these local waters, and breaking in this rod on this particular stream seemed to be just right. Charlie Fox mentions these waters in one of his books, and this 7' 4wt couldn't have been more at home up in the Tuscarora.

Finally had an open evening and rushed out of work on a hot and hazy day and ran for the much greener hollers over the ridge to reacquaint with a known beat and shake off the day. The occurrences of boiled & exploding waters accompanied by the wild native beauty of this spot quickly pushed all of that into the background. Plenty of quiet out there to enjoy, nice casting lanes from one spot to the next really let the 7 footer show it's legs, and picking pockets thru the braided riffles and thin plunges often surprised with a splashy take of the yellow Adams. Also saw a surprising number of yellow stones flitting about thru the evening air, this stream is always a surprise. The local brookies all showed this cranberry-ish crimson instead of the expected oranges, beautiful unique fish. The evening's 'trophy', came out of a thin little shin deep slot, a surprise for the both of us.

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