crash course.

here comes le Tour.
in it for the long wknd,
no less, no more. (well,
maybe the proglogue too
if the travel plans allow..)

tourista survival is
name of the game.
haven't ridden three
days straight in I don't
know how long, much less
three tour stages.

this. is. gonna. be. neat.

I'm sure.

I have ridden the road bike
twice in the last five days,
mtn bike oncet, plus a simple
spin around town to seat
the fresh knobbies.


Get in one more thirty mile
road ride by Saturday, and
at least I'll have the on tap
road stage mileage in my
legs this week...maybe I'll
even get in one other ride
beyond that.

Putting the emphasis
on the Tour part of
le Tour de 'burg for
sure. If you think I've
been off the back of the
Sunday Cupcake spins....

well, you ain't seen
nothing yet.

I'll be keeping that
DFL jersey warm for
somebody, bitches.

(as long as my legs
don't turn blue.)

1 comment:

dicky said...

See you there. Full pull for myself, but might spend some time in the back with you.