being graceful.

there was a dark night,
many moons ago, seeking
an adventure to Denny's,
3am on foot.

'Aim for the bright spots.'

Was the lsson I brought
home with me.

Sunday, conflicted in someways.
Riding off the back, riding my
leg searching tempo, retooling.

Sneak into the line, follow a wheel
too closey up onto that rock,
and at least try to ride it out.

Was thinking last week, spinning
around town.. "I really haven't come
off this bike in a while."

Thoughts like that mean you're due,
soon. And now soon is over, and there's
a flesh wound where there wasn't one
before. And stiff shoulders from impact
absorbtion. Damn lucky considering
Meeshow's inherent pointiness.

"Aim for the bright spot"

Lets hope that bill's been paid now,
lot of shit happens in an instant.

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brett said...

pics or it didn't happen.